The End of the Summer

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It’s been a wonderful busy summer for West of Ireland Tours, with many friends visiting and not enough time to do all the things we wanted to do!  I am going to post some of the wonderful photos that you’ve all taken during your visit here and been kind enough to send me, but in [...]

Check Out Sligo Food Trail!

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I was wandering home along Tobergal Lane this evening, chatting to a friend Karen that I had just bumped into on O'Connell Street, when I was enticed into the Wine Buff for their Friday evening 'Wine and Cheese and Chat' session.  It doesn't actually have a name but that would be a good one for [...]

Guests Become Friends

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This is what happens ?.  Jane was a guest last year and is now a friend. She dropped in this weekend, had a session with Niamh and overall a lovely catch up.  She just started playing the tin whistle over a year ago - isn't she fantastic! She's joining us again for the music tour [...]

Musings on the First Day of Spring

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I don’t want to give the impression that we talk about the weather all the time, but… the weather has been fantastic since St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m not sure what we’ve done to deserve it, but we’ll take it!  Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, the Dublin Parade organisers pulled a masterful stroke in inviting Joanne O’Riordan [...]

Great Radio piece on Women in the Irish Uprising

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RTE Radio 1 Women in the 1916 Uprising This is a wonderful piece about the 250+ women who took part in the 1916 Uprising and whose names were essentially written out of history.  Great work Diarmaid Ferriter - including his name-checking of the historians who have uncovered these fascinating details.  Well worth a listen - [...]

Warm Thoughts on End of Kilty Drama Festival

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Well, I worried about everything before this Kiltyclogher Drama Festival – would there be enough daylight (I kid you not, the days are so short in winter!), would there be too much rain, would there be too much drama…? I shouldn’t have worried. It’s bright at 7:00 am and not dark until almost 6:30 pm, [...]