Guided Tours of the West of Ireland for the Independent Traveller

Escape the ordinary, Experience the real.

There’s so much to see in the beautiful west of Ireland, and we appreciate that you want to see as much of Ireland as you can. But sometimes, less is more. Our tours are based in Sligo and Leitrim, with occasional forays into the wilds of Mayo or Donegal. You’ll feel like you’ve fallen into
Tir na Og.

We give you time to really get to know us. Come dance with us, turn turf with us, listen to our music, cheer our local Irish football teams, walk with us, meet our local farmers at the Mart and have a drink in one of our little pubs/grocery shops. We weave all of this into your trip, along with trips to the truly stunning megalithic tombs (older than the pyramids!) located on majestic mountain tops, visits to beautiful old ascendency homes of the Anglo-Irish (and learn the stories of the people who lived in them and the tenants who farmed the land and emigrated after the famine), canoeing trips along slow, meandering rivers, walks along the Miners Way or Sligo Way. And of course, explore our wonderful coastline and the Wild Atlantic Way, get a seaweed bath, enjoy some fabulous food.

There’s so much to see and do, and we don’t want you to be stuck on a tour bus for hours on end, so we base ourselves in just one or two place and limit the amount of time travelling. And our decisions as to what our schedule will be will depend on the weather – the only thing we promise is that you’ll enjoy everything you do and will be determined to come back for the things we don’t get to! Having said that, bring rain gear… it won’t stop us doing everything! Because we know you’re an independent traveller at heart, you might want to just hire a bike for an afternoon or day and head off to enjoy the quiet lanes of rural Ireland. Just say the word and we’ll organise the bike hire, get you a packed lunch or snacks along with suggestions for quiet cycle routes. Or if horse riding is your thing, we’ll organise that for you*. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit the home of your great grandparents, who came from Sligo or Leitrim? While we can’t do a family search, if you let us know the village we’ll certainly do our best to include a visit there in your trip.

This is why our groups are never more than 7 people, and sometimes less. We’ll get to know each other and make sure we do what we can to make your holiday special and unique. As you can see from what our guests have said, we’re pretty good at it 😉